Frequently asked questions

1. What are the age groups of the people who can join?

We have batches starting with age group 4 and above. Our classes attract a lot of people from all walks of life and all different ages. Our students are primarily girls and boys are encouraged only upto the age of 15 years to join if they wish to learn Classical Dance.

2. What should I wear?

There are no specific clothing requirements for our classes except for comfort! As a general rule of thumb, it is best to wear clothing that allows you to move around with ease and makes you feel comfortable.

For kids we recommend a leg-in with the normal attire they wish to wear and for senior students, it is really up to you! As you progress through the classes you will realize what works best for you.

3. I have never danced before. Do I need to have experience to attend?

Absolutely not! Our Beginner classes are designed to introduce you to Kathak and Indian Contemporary dance forms right from the very basics! We do not expect you to have any prior dance experience. We guarantee to have you dancing in no time at all, just come along and give it a go!

4. I have taken some other classical dance lessons before, what course should I start with?

If you are unsure about what course is right for you, give us a call or meet us at our centers and we will do our best to guide you for the right course.

5. How much do the classes cost and can I pay as I go?

Yes you need to pay as you keep learning. The fee structure includes a one-time registration fee and a monthly fee depending on the age-group and course. Please call us @ 9945633773 to get more details.

6. How long will it take me to become a good dancer?

Everybody learns at a different pace but as the old saying goes, “practice makes perfect!” this is especially true in the case of dancing. The more effort you put into your classes, the more effortless your dancing will feel.

Many of our students have achieved optimal results through attending at least 2 classes per week and practicing their moves at home regularly. There is another old saying that “there is no end for learning” so it is difficult to say when you will master the art form. 

7. Do I get a chance for on-stage performance / shows?

We offer our students the opportunity to perform on stage during the annual day event organized every year sometime in August – September. We do recognize the effort by certifying each participant. At the end of a performance, students always feel much more confident and rejuvenated. Performances always help you set your goal!

8. What are the advantages if I learn the Kathak but do not want to be a Professional Performer?

Learning dance adds grace to your body language. A dancer looks more graceful than any other common person. It gives fitness to the body and increases the stamina. It makes you rich spiritually. While dancing you feel more close to the divine power, the god.

9. Will you teach us dance on filmy/western songs?

Learning classical dance for few years activates your creativity and you can choreograph any song you hear. Our classes include training and practice sessions on Indian Contemporary dances along with Kathak so you would get the opportunity to dance on semi-classical Bollywood songs as well but not on western songs.

10. Is there any formal degree or diploma in Kathak from any recognized university / body?

At Nikkon, we will provide a systematic training which will turn you into a fine dancer soon. But for this, we need dedication, hard work, sincerity, patience and last but not the least, your faith in the guru- the teacher.

We will also conduct exams (under Pracheen Kala Kendra, Chandigarh) for the students who are interested in certificate course. Two, five, seven and nine years diploma courses will be offered under proper training in theory as well as practical.

11.  What are the career options available after learning Kathak?

There are a lot of career options available in the field of dance as a Teacher and as a Performer. Every school has a separate Department of Dance which needs professionally qualified Dance Teachers. Lot of Summer Camps being organized by several institutions that also need qualified dance teachers.

Many recognized universities such as Mumbai University, BHU and many more offers Degree courses in Dance where you can be appointed as Lecturer/ Asst. Professor/ Professor.

You can become a choreographer for stage shows, films, dance dramas, serials, ramp shows etc. depending upon your creativity, talent, interest and caliber.

You can write articles, research papers for magazines and work as critic/ art reporter for news papers.

Even government departments also recruit employees under special artist quota.