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Nikkon Kalakriti is a Franchisee of the World’s famous handwriting technology institution “Write Right“.

Writeright India

Writeright India

Nikkon Kalakriti offers unique conceptual programs that provide all handwriting solutions as we analyze, repair, add speed and style to handwriting. Our experts provide handwriting tips to beginners, students, adults and professionals. Our innovative methods not only work on handwriting improvement, but also gives assistance in overcoming the technical errors in one’s handwriting.

World Fastest Handwriting Improvement Program with 100% Results

Every student wants to learn the perfect art of penmanship, but the fact is that every 3rd school going child has problem in handwriting. To help improve handwriting for kids, parents and teachers advice them to write properly, neatly, big or small, slowly, or beautifully etc. but these are all vague advices, nobody tells them how to write. We teach the students “HOW” to write.

We adopt scientific methods developed by experts with rich experience in the field of handwriting. These methods are based on the findings of experts having researched through thousands of handwriting samples and identified 56+ types of possible errors in Roman writing.

This program not only helps to improve handwriting, but also helps to write accurately. As each letter has its own identity, therefore we emphasize on each letter and its creation. There is no shortcut for handwriting repair and penmanship. Training is based on identifying technical errors and focusing 100% on repair of these errors. It is a simple recall based curriculum.

Program Highlights

  • Duration only 7 days.
  • One hour daily.
  • Individualized Training.
  • No Home-work.
  • Exclusive Course Material.
  • Money Back Guarantee.
  • Available in English and Hindi Language.
Writeright India

Writeright India

1. Is your program different from cursive writing? How can I improve my handwriting through your program?

Cursive is an individual type of writing. Those who join this course are taught how to write in cursive, irrespective of their original writing style. Handwriting improvement is not a part of this course. But, ours is a handwriting improvement course, where repair of flaws is done for any style in which the individual writes be it print, cursive, italics or any other.

2. How can you guarantee 100% money back and what is your method for handwriting repair?

Write Right has served more than 4, 00,000 students with 100% results across 1000+ centers in different countries and have never failed by far. The technique used by us is scientific and foolproof. Our Write Right Certified trainers focus 100% on identified technical errors and repair them.

3. What if the improvement is not seen in 7 days?

Write Right has been working on handwriting improvement for over 1.5 decades; hence, it is most unlikely to happen. Nevertheless, if it does happen in a rare case, our experts will happily devote 3-4 days extra with the student. We will readily refund the fee for the course if the improvement is still not seen.

4. Will the speed of writing be slow after your course or will it become fast?

Yes, the speed of the child will come down, after the course, but after 10- 15 days of practice the child will be able to come to its natural speed. If you want to increase the writing speed of your child, you can choose our speed writing course too.

5. Do you give personal attention to each student?

Every child’s handwriting problems are different and so are the requirements. Our experts analyze and identify individual flaws in one’s writing and tutor to repair accordingly. It therefore becomes mandatory for the trainer to give personal attention to every child.

6. Our school promotes print style. How can I improve my handwriting in print?

You can improve your handwriting of print style because we only repair the flaws affecting the legibility in any type of handwriting be it print, cursive or italics, without changing the individual’s writing style. To facilitate the same, we have exclusive training methods and material for all types of handwriting.

7. Is the improvement permanent?

Yes, the improvement is permanent, if the students consciously follow the instructions given to them by the teacher for at least 3 months.

8. Isn’t your fee is too high?

Yes, our fee is high at the face value. Our training procedures are backed-up with 16 years of Research and Development. Every trainer of ours is well trained and certified. Our training process is customized to meet the needs of individual handwriting. Once you see the results you will feel that our fee is just right.