Nrityaradhana 2013

Nrityaradhana 2013

Program Itinerary

Date: 10th August 2013

Inauguration @ 5.30 pm by Chief Guest: Mrs Meena Srinath

Welcome to Chief Guest & brief Intro of Chief guest by Sohini

  • Invite Chief Guest for Inauguration – Sohini
    1. lighting the lamp
    2. Honouring the Chief Guest by Mahua
    3. Invite Chief Guest for few words
  • Nikkon Nritya Academy – Introduction by Sohini

Inaugural Performance by Rohit

Nikkon Students performance begins

Our performance begins with the dance based on a vibrant Marathi song worshiping Lord Ganesha. (Srishti Biswas, Kinjal, Smruthi, Khushi, Pragya, Nishapriya, Simran, Vaishali & Aarya) – age 9 – 12 yrs

1.     Ganesha Song
Raga Bhairavi is a very melodious and is sung during the early hours of the morning. At this young age of 7-8 years these kids will display an amazing kathak performance based on the song Bheeni Bheeni Bhor (Avantika, Sneha, Shruti, Saanvi & Anusha)
2.     Bheeni Bheeni Bhor Song
The next is a semi classical performance based on a very popular song Jiya Lage na by our star performers from age group 9 – 12 years (Subhanjana, Sreyashee, Dyuti, Srishti Mukherjee & Diya)
3.     Jiya Lage Na
The next is a kathak performance based on a semi classical song by age group 11 – 14 years (Aaratrika, Vaishnavi, Swikruti, Shakthi Priai, Snigdha, Simone, Kashish)
4.     Sapno se bhare naina
Tarana is a Persian word meaning a song. It is a type of composition in Hindustani classical vocal music in which certain words and syllables based on Persian and Arabic phonemes are rendered at a medium or fast pace. Hold your breath for a mesmerising classical performance by the age group 7 – 10 years (Advika, Manavi, Chhavi, Tanisha, Rishika & Chhavisri)
5.     Kathak Tarana
Now we have the special attraction of the day, a super duper performance by our tini tots based on a rocking bollywood number. We present Siyona, Ujjoyini, Ridhima, Abhijato, Prithwi, Adrija, Annesha, Yuvika, Aarushi, , Nidhi, Sinchana & Meghana)
6.     Udi Udi
Our senior most batch is here with a semi classical dance performance based on a Tum Sana Naia Lage Re song. We have Trisha, Sreyashi & Mita on stage
7.     Tum Sana naina
Now let’s enjoy a fusion of Kathak and contemporary dance moves based on another mesmerizing hindi song Bhor Bhayo….the participants are going to stage their second performance of the day….
8.     Bhor Bhayo
Pt. Ajoy Chakraborty, the famous classical singer and composer has produced this genius piece “Chaturanga”. Our performance is based on this soothing song with Kathak Bol. Here we have on stage again  Avantika, Sneha, Shruti, Saanvi & Anusha
9.     Chaturanga
Our tiny tots are back again with another splendid performance based on a popular number “Tum Hi Ho bandhu”
10.  Tum Hi ho bandhu
After this thrilling experience let’s calm our mind with another soulful semi-classical performance based on the song “Goonji Si Hai Saari Fiza”. We have Advika, Manavi, Chhavi, Tanisha, Rishika & Chhavisri again on stage
11.  Goonji Si Hai
We present another dance performance based on the song Bahar a Bahar a by Aaratrika, Vaishnavi, Swikruti, Shakthi Priai, Snigdha, Simone, Kashish
12.  Bahar a bahar a
A contemporary performance by our star performers based on “Jane Kya Chahe Man” (Subhanjana, Sreyashee, Dyuti, Srishti Mukherjee & Diya)
13.  Jane Kya Chahe mann
Our seniors are back again to amaze us with a kathak performance that is based on the song Kahe Chede which is sung by Pt. Birju Maharaj, Madhuri Dixit & Kavita Krishnamurthy. We have Trisha, Sreyashi and Mita on stage…
14.  Kahe Chede
The final performance of the day is going to set stage on fire as we will witness Hanuman with his team for a dance performance on Shankar Mahadevan’s super hit number barso yaaro barson re…….Let’s have Abhijato, Srishti Biswas, Kinjal, Smruthi, Khushi, Pragya Nishapriya, Simran, Vaishali & Aarya on stage…
15.  Barson Yaaro

Grand Finale – Background Music

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