Vocal Music Class

Nikkon Kalakriti believes it is never too late to start or it may be that you would like to revive previously learned skills. In either case we have a great deal to offer. The factors that we think are important to keep you going is your enthusiasm, good humor and willingness to practice regularly.

Vocal Music

Vocal Music

Do you have?

  • Interest in music
  • Love towards music
  • Are passionate about music
  • Want to make a career in music
  • Getting bored and want music in your life
  • Stressed out and want music to refresh you
  • Have the dedication ‘n’ patience to learn music
  • Want to have a hobby before or after retirement
  • You want to give your child an opportunity to learn music

If you have “YES” as the answer to any of the above pointers, you are very well welcome to join us and start learning vocal music from today.